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The Rhine-Main Neuroscience Network held its fourth Biennal Meeting in June 2016. RHINE-MAIN NEUROSCIENCE NETWORK

In shape for the German Excellence Strategy competition

The Rhine-Main Neuroscience Network (rmn²) looks back on five successful years and is now preparing to meet the challenges of the next half decade. rmn2 is expanding and planning to prove its scientific strength in the upcoming Excellence Strategy competition. Some 300 neuroscientists based in the Rhine-Main region came together for a three-day symposium during which they exchanged views, listened to presentations given by eminent colleagues, and drew up plans for the future.

(© Mainz University Medical Center) MAINZ UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER

Center for Rare Diseases

The Center for Rare Diseases of the Nervous System (ZSEN) at Mainz University Medical Center was opened in late 2015. It is a key node in a new network of centers designed to treat people with rare diseases. It was previously the case that the majority of people suffering from these diseases had very low chances of receiving the correct diagnosis or successful treatment.


A stroke of luck for the university

The Mainz University Fund Foundation was created in 1781. Since then it has survived not only the closure of the original electoral university by Napoleon, but also both world wars. The foundation's capital is invested in rental apartments and property, but primarily in attractive agricultural land and vineyards. These days, the revenues from the fund provide an important resource that helps support research and teaching at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU).

A piece of writing from the Clemens Brentano Collection of the Mainz University Library (photo: Peter Pulkowski) CLEMENS BRENTANO COLLECTION

The mouse, the poet, and the dance

The Clemens Brentano Collection provides intimate insights into the life and world of one of the greatest German Romantic poets. Along with hundreds of examples of lively correspondence, there are drafts of poems and household plans, outlines for dramas and drawings. The collection, which was acquired by Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) in 1950, is housed in the Mainz City Library.

(photo: Stefan F. Sämmer) ICE LABORATORY

The riddle of the icy droplets

In order to understand atmospheric processes, it is necessary to discover how ice nuclei form within clouds. This is the task of the INUIT research group, to which Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) is contributing. A team in the laboratory of the Institute of Atmospheric Physics is working with small drops, a wind tunnel like no other in the world, and a special cold chamber that will help find answers to these fundamental questions.

Aerial view of the excavated early Islamic caliph's palace Khirbat al-Minya (photo/©: Yaniv Darvasi, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) ANCIENT STUDIES

Saving a desert palace in the green Jordan valley

The caliph's palace Khirbat al-Minya is an important testimony to early Islamic culture in Israel. However, the site has been falling into disrepair ever since German archaeologists uncovered it in the 1930s. Dr. Hans-Peter Kuhnen, Head Academic Director at the Department of Ancient Studies at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU), has taken a first step towards stopping the decay.

Pfirsichkerne der Archäobotanischen Vergleichssammlung (Foto: Thomas Hartmann)THE ARCHAEOBOTANICAL REFERENCE COLLECTION

The essence of all things

The largest object is a peach stone lying next to cereal grains, tiny grape pips, and the seeds of wild herbs. At first glance, the Archaeobotanical Reference Collection of the Pre- and Protohistoric Archaeology division at the Department of Ancient Studies at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) seems anything but impressive. But as Dr. Margarethe König begins to tell of the stories and history that form its background, it is becoming more and more interesting.

Angelika Schulz-Parthu (photo: Uwe Feuerbach) GUTENBERG ALUMNI

A small publisher with a varied program

Angelika Schulz-Parthu is the owner of the quite unique and very successful Leinpfad Verlag publishing house. Among her extensive publishing program are cookbooks, city guidebooks, crime novels set in the region, and much, much more. She discovered the world of literature in the 1970s while at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU). The former German Studies student is still well aware of how much she owes to her time here.

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